Why Squads?

Ever had a student show up at your church and immediately feel out of place because no one he or she knew was at church? Maybe the student was just new and didn’t know many people yet. Either way, we wanted to create a group of people with two leaders who would help make sure that each student always has people he or she is connected to while at Ephesus. Squad leaders also check in with their squad members from time to time to see how things are going and to encourage them to keep doing the things in life that God wants them to be doing. “Squad” is just the term we use, but other terms such as “crew”, “team”, “group”, etc. work just as well. We are extremely passionate about this strategy and we have seen it accomplish some amazing things within our student ministry. This strategy has helped us create more cohesiveness in our student ministry while also developing better student leaders within our student ministry.


What is a Squad?

In the student ministry at Ephesus, a squad is a group of students that Squad Leaders selected to be on their squad through a drafting process. Squads are made up of guys and girls from different schools and different grades so that people can meet new people in the student ministry and make new friends. 


What is a Squad Night?

A few times through out the year we have Squad Nights on Wednesday nights. On these nights Jonathon preaches a shorter message and gives squads time to get together on their own and discuss what the message was about. It also gives time for squad members to catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives. 


What is a Squad Leader?

A Squad Leader is a high school student who has taken the time to go through student leadership training that we offer on Wednesday nights during the summer. Following the training, they commit to selecting a group of students to be a part of their “squad” and to encourage and support those students for the next year while in the student ministry.