Like any other effort to “train” students, training future squad leaders can also be difficult. For students going through our leadership training to become a squad leader, we were looking for a good resource that we could use to develop them into squad leaders with the right kind of mentality about their new leadership role.

A great resource we came across and ended up using is the book “Heart of a Disciple Maker” by Tim Lafleur. This book provided a great opportunity for us to shift the mentality of our students from being ministry consumers to ministry contributors.

The book is pretty small and a very easy read. It is intended to prepare people’s hearts to be disciple makers, and Tim wrote it to compliment the D-Group approach of making disciples that his church uses. While Squad Leaders will not be leading D-Groups, the content still worked well for us.

We walked the leaders in training through a couple of chapters of the book each time we got together. A total of 8 chapters can be covered in 4 sessions following that schedule. We typically do 4 training sessions total plus a draft meeting with our squad leaders who are going through training.

In the book Tim uses two terms often. He refers to disciple makers and disciples. We told our leaders in training to think of the term Squad Leader every time they saw “disciple maker” in the book. We told them to think of squad members every time they saw “disciple” in the book. As we went through the book they began to see the power and potential they have if they simply begin to see themselves as students who are capable of making more committed followers of Christ.