The 180 Challenge


The 180 Challenge

The 180 Challenge is the process that we challenge all students to take on as they progress through the student ministry. Each phase of the process is intended to strengthen their walk with God and increase the amount of impact they have on the mission field that God has them in. Below you can see how each of the events and trips we offer as a student ministry provide an opportunity for students to become the leaders that God intends for them to be. 


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Phase 1: Building Connections

  • Get a Bible in a translation you like. We use New Living Translation (NLT)
  • Be active in a LifeGroup
  • Attend Sunday worship regularly with your family
  • Participate in Worship at The Refuge frequently (Wednesday Nights)
  • Go on a trip with the EBC Student Ministry


Phase 2: Discipleship Growth

  • Study God's Word daily with the goal of reading the entire Bible
  • Attend Disciple Now (DNOW) weekend in February
  • Go to Centrifuge Summer Camp
  • Go to the High School Retreat (9th-12th Grade)


Phase 3: Start Making an Impact

  • Share God's Word with others
  • Take part in a Student Ministry Mission Trip
  • Be a Student Leader on the Pre-Teen Retreat (For those who have completed 10th grade or higher)
  • Become a Refuge Volunteer (RV), the team of students who make Refuge Worship great every week


Phase 4: Next Level Leadership

  • Start a Discipleship Group (D Group) with some friends from school or church
  • Apply to be a student team leader on a mission trip
  • Pray about applying for an intern position within the Student Ministry 
  • Consider applying to be a Student Leader Apprentice (SLA) at Fuge Camp
  • Accomplish reading the entire Bible 



Extracurricular Activites

Flag Football Tournament (Super Bowl Sunday)

Ski Trip (February)

Rock Climbing

Go Cart Racing



Braves Games

and a whole lot more

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